Well-founded training – qualified training in the training center of Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH

Security is as well defined by the person who enforces it. The best security concept is worthless without well-trained specialists, who lead it to success through committed and consistent implementation.

In the German Federal Republic, provided you have taken a short course of study at the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce, it is possible to work at surveillance and security companies in highly security-sensitive areas in some cases.
However, since legal certainty and consistent action require a high degree of professional competence, a qualified training by competent training staff and the most advanced training facilities is essential.

For this reason, we also offer the following trainings, in collaboration with the Agency for Employment:

  • Preparatory course for the general knowledge examination according to §34a of the German trade regulation act (IHK)
    Preparation for passing the IHK examination by the safe mastery of all necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Specialist for protection and safety IHK
    (7 months and 21 months) Job description and information here
  • Commercial general weapon knowledge according to § 7 of the gun control law
    Acquisition of commercial general weapon knowledge by taking the test in front of an approved Examination Board.
    Provide theoretical and practical knowledge in safe handling of a gun.
  • Bodyguard – High Risk Security
    For assignments in national and international training levels Basic, Officer, Master
  • Effective self-defense / Krav Maga / Sambo / Musado

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