What can we do for you?

Object Protection

We protect you from significant damage and harm from burglaries, vandalism, sabotage or theft with our object protection and surveillance. Buildings, stores, your company premises as well as facilities will be competently secured. Moreover, we offer the surveillance of construction sites. The most modern technologies and clearly defined security concepts as well as IT-supported coordination […]

Event Protection

We protect your event Every major event, whether sporting, cultural or political, means a considerable risk to the organizer. Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH has many years of experience in planning and implementation of all security-relevant problem solutions in the event sector. Admittance control Our staff ensures a controlled admission during ticket inspection. Carrying unwanted […]

Value Logistics

Safe from A to B – our value logistics In order to safely bring your valuables and cash to your destination, you need a fast and absolutely reliable partner who can deal with all possible situations due to his many years of experience and his trained staff. We are able to meet your high demands […]

Security Engineering

In 2019 there were 87,145 reported burglaries in Germany. This is a decrease by 10.2% compared to last year. This resulted in a total loss of 291.9 million Euros. Since 2016 the case numbers have been decreasing continuously. Yet, the police were able to solve only 17.4% of all cases, which means only about every […]

Patrol and District Duty

Property protection, patrol and district duty State-of-the-art equipment such as mobile phones, radio, GPS and electronic guard control systems are used to guard the objects entrusted to us. We do not want to and cannot replace police forces, but our presence alone has already prevented many damages to companies. In cooperation with mechanical and electronic […]


Detection and securing evidence Basis for any criminal, civil, or labor-law decision is legal proof necessary for judgment. The years of experience of our professional investigators guarantee documented results to the clients of Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, the colleagues of our teams are working day and night for you. Focus […]

Emergency Call Center

On standby around the clock – our emergency call center More important than the perfect functioning of the on-site safety technology, however, is the rapid forwarding of the alarm and the corresponding response from a qualified emergency call center. Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH can rely on a long-term partner with VdS emergency call center. […]

Retail Security

Security for you, your employees and your customers Shoplifters and dishonest employees caused a loss of 3.39 billion Euros in the German retail trade in 2019. Although the number of thefts has decreased in recent years, the number of violent attacks (bodily harm) on employees or customers who wanted to prevent a theft increased significantly. […]

Personal Protection

Personal protection means all measures that prevent or ward off attacks on the lives of our customers. Contrary to broad opinion, not only politicians, pop stars or CEOs of large economic enterprises require personal protection. Today, an elevated standard of living or a certain regional popularity, for example as an athlete or artist, is sufficient […]

High Risk Security

Your global security partner Security Solutions Management Worldwide Globalization nowadays requires more and more companies, authorities and individuals to work abroad or to send their employees abroad. A comprehensive protection is also becoming more and more important on the commercial sea routes. This requires a thorough, comprehensive analysis of the situation you will find in […]