Patrol and District Duty

Patrol and District Duty

Property protection, patrol and district duty

State-of-the-art equipment such as mobile phones, radio, GPS and electronic guard control systems are used while pursuing our patrol and district duty to guard the objects entrusted to us. We do not want to and cannot replace police forces, but our presence alone has already prevented many damages to companies.
In cooperation with mechanical and electronic protective measures, Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH provide comprehensive protection for all types of objects to their customers.

Our district and intervention forces are one of the most important components of our security services. Every night, our radio wagons are patrolling the Lower Saxony area and securing the properties of our customers.

Today’s district duty is a mobile security service used day and night, in all weather conditions.
Each of our radio-controlled vehicles is connected to our emergency and service center by means of state-of-the-art technology (GPS).

It goes without saying that windows can be closed, doors can be locked and roller doors can be locked by district and intervention forces, by storing keys in our emergency and service center.

We guarantee the verification of the monitoring of your property by means of electronic control stations, the evaluation of which is available to you for inspection every month.

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