Personal Protection

Personal protection means all measures that prevent or ward off attacks on the lives of our customers.

Contrary to broad opinion, not only politicians, pop stars or CEOs of large economic enterprises require personal protection.
Today, an elevated standard of living or a certain regional popularity, for example as an athlete or artist, is sufficient to become a target for criminal or terrorist elements.

Our professionally trained bodyguards must continually adapt their qualifications to current safety requirements through time and cost-intensive training, thus ensuring the best possible protection and the highest level of security for individuals and groups of people.

Corresponding to a risk analysis for every conceivable situation determined by our experts, we work together with you and/or third parties (authorities, police) to develop the most effective security concept for you.

Thus, an “open” as well as a “hidden” security of your person or your environment is possible, for example. Of course, your personal working and living circumstances will be taken into account.

For further information on personal security or to schedule an on-site appointment, please contact us at +49 (0) 5136/801 56 92 or use our contact form.