Security Engineering

Security Engineering

There is a urgent need for security engineering since there were 87,145 reported burglaries in Germany, 2019.

This is a decrease by 10.2% compared to last year. This resulted in a total loss of 291.9 million Euros. Since 2016 the case numbers have been decreasing continuously. Yet, the police were able to solve only 17.4% of all cases, which means only about every sixth crime.

Despite the decreasing number of burglaries in recent years, a professional security solution is still one of the best ways to protect yourself against physical and psychological harm.
An adequate means of protection against burglary, also according to expert opinion, is a consequent safeguarding of your private and commercial property by means of mechanical and / or electronic security technology. These include safe and vault systems, both optical and acoustic warning systems in the interior, as well as mechanical security systems and surveillance technology in the outdoor area.

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