Retail Security

Retail Security

Retail Security – for Everyone

Shoplifters and dishonest employees caused a German retail trade loss of 3.39 billion Euros in 2019*. This is a perfect reason to take a deeper look into the retail security of your company.

While the number of thefts has decreased in recent years, violent attacks on employees or customers who wanted to prevent theft or robbery increased significantly.

This is an unwanted and unnecessary situation. Professionally trained employees of Sicherheitsdienst Schmidt & Sohn GmbH ensure a trouble-free operation of your business just by their presence.

Depending on your specific requirements our employees will be dressed in uniforms or civilian clothes.

At the same time, we can check your internal work processes discreetly with our specially trained staff or monitor the behavior of your staff dealing with your customers.

Based on a detailed analysis of space, organization, merchandise, and personnel, we create a weakness profile and suggest appropriate steps for improvement. With this valuable information your company can implement all upgrades and practically provide excellent benefits for customers, staff, and your company goals.

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