Event Protection

Event Protection

Professional Event Protection

Every major event, whether sporting, cultural, or political, means a considerable risk to the organizer and necessitates appropriate event protection. Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH has many years of experience planning and implementing all security-relevant problem solutions in the event sector.

Admittance control
The event protection comprises our staff ensuring a controlled admission during ticket inspection. In addition, in compliance with the Youth Protection Act, we will prevent carrying unwanted and prohibited items.

Our staff ensures the necessary security in the interior during your event. In the case of open-air events, our professionals secure the site’s fencing against unauthorized access.

Securing Back and Front Stage Area
Using our pass-through controls, we protect the stage area against unwanted access and guarantee that only accredited persons gain access.

Barrier Fences
Barrier fences are essential to protect participants and audiences of events like festivals or concerts. We offer various barrier and security systems to swiftly and reliably secure your event.

Supervision of the VIP areas
Our employees have the skills and are specially trained to fulfill the requirements to regulate and control your VIP area.

Tour security
On request, we provide a competent security team for your next tour. This team always accompanies you and ensures the necessary and adequate security. Our modern VIP shuttle fleet is also available for secure transfers.